Bad Ischl...

the emperor's favorite city ... and the heart of the Salzkammergut. The charming city is not only known as a health resort with tradition, because it also offers a varied shopping experience. Cultural events and traditional, historical attractions and a unique thermal spa of Bad Ischl make it a popular tourist destination.

Sights and activities in Bad Ischl:

in Bad Ischl:

  • Opera concerts from May to October
  • Shake The Lake in May
  • Night of the emperor in August
  • Lehar Festival July-August
  • Imperial Golf Trophy in August
  • Traditional events each year:
  • Glöcklerlauf 6 January
  • Carnival from 7 January
  • Raising the Maypole 30 April
  • Nikolaus and Krampus on 5 December
  • Other events can be found at
  • Congress and Theatre House

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